White Durban


Mega Vape Cart presents Blue Gelato 41, an exciting new cannabis hybrid with a psychedelic and positive effect accompanied by an intense and sweet aroma. Now online in our feminised seed catalogue.

This hybrid comes from a cross between the legendary Blueberry, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert, to combine their aromas, yields and potency.

The result is a Indica-leaning plant with a well-branched and robust structure typical of a hybrid, which can reach 2m tall if planted outdoors in the ground.

Some phenotypes may show blue/purple colours on their leaves and flowers, giving its buds a most appetising and eye-catching appearance with huge bag appeal.

It is ready to harvest after 9 to 10 weeks flowering, offering heavy yields of up to 700g per m2 indoors and up to 3kg per plant outdoors. It is very resistant to mould and moisture, easily dealing with the autumnal climate.

It produces large quantities of sticky and aromatic trichomes heads, making it perfect for carrying out resin extractions.

The aroma of its flowers is one of the great strengths of this variety, combining citric, earthy and sweet notes, leaving an intense and rich flavour in the mouth.

Its effect is clear and energetic, psychedelic and pleasant, combined with a feeling of physical relaxation that help to eliminate physical pain.



White Durban strain

This unique and somewhat evasive strain is a vintage lover’s dream come true. This powerful bud comes to us from Fireline and is a cross between White Fire OG and an African landrace called Durban Poison. Anyone who is a fan of Durban Poison knows it’s been around since the dark ages and lends itself beautifully to hybrids such as White Durban to give it an uplifted and energetic boost.

This potency makes these dark green nugs a surefire good time. The flavors are very similar with just a dash of spiciness on the exhale.

The combination of those two things can leave even the most seasoned smokers gasping. A strain like this tends to quickly overstimulate, so proceed with caution and enjoy the ride. The high hits hard, fast, and is long lasting. If you have anxiety or are susceptible to paranoia, this is not the bud for you.

About White Durban Strain

 It is an outstanding stimulant and helps aid digestion and lack of appetite.

If its parentage is any indication of its flowering time, growers can look forward to an 8 to 10 week turn around with an average to above average yield.

Also If you need a pick me up and are a seasoned veteran smoker, try this child of long-standing roots and have yourself a wild ride. White Durban is no joke – it’ll have you going a hundred miles an hour before you’ve even had the chance to hit the gas yourself. Finally this daytime high strikes after just a few short minutes and stays with you for hours.


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