Pineapple Haze Seeds



Pineapple Haze Seeds

Produces high yield
Suitable for medical use
Has powerful buds
The Pineapple Haze strain delivers the cerebral high of the Haze strain, combined with the tropical fruitiness of the Pineapple strain. It is 70% sativa and 30% indica, making it a sativa-dominant marijuana strain, with enticing effects and flavors.

Pineapple Haze seeds grow into tall, feminized plants. When these plants bloom, they produce large colas, which smell and look like pineapples. Because it contains the Haze strain, its effects lead to energetic sparks and creative thinking. This makes it a great strain of marijuana to consume during the daytime.

Growing Pineapple Haze can be a bit difficult. Yet, the plant grows tall and has high yields for cannabis growers. It grows best indoors or in sunny Mediterranean conditions. This feminized plant has a long flowering period but is worth the time due to the high yields. It contains high amounts of THC and low amounts of CBD.

Growing Pineapple Haze

Marijuana growers have found the Pineapple Haze cannabis strain to be moderately difficult to cultivate. It grows best within indoor environments. However, it can be cultivated outdoors, as long as the climate conditions are Mediterranean and sunny.

When growing Pineapple Haze, it flourishes best in soil. These plants can grow to be more than 8 feet tall. Flowering time is long for this marijuana strain, which could take up to 10-12 weeks (about 85 days). But, savvy growers don’t let this bother them. They know the plant is so high-yielding it is worth the wait. Expect to harvest between 251 to 500 grams of usable cannabis from Pineapple Haze seeds.

For the best results when growing Pineapple Haze cannabis seeds indoors, use techniques that help reduce the plants’ heights. Some of these techniques include:

Screen of Green (ScrOG)

Growing Pineapple Haze marijuana seeds outdoors works best in areas where daylight hours are reduced. This allows for longer vegetative periods, which prolongs the flowering period. This improves the quality of the mature plants, which comes with multiple flowering sites and very long branches.

When cultivating Pineapple Haze seeds, the 10-12-week flowering period may seem a bit long. But, you can reduce this vegetative time by about two weeks by growing the cannabis strain indoors. This will allow for the “flowering stretch” of the sativa contained in the strain. This will bring your yield of dried cannabis to about 500grams, or even more using enhanced techniques.

Pineapple Haze buds are shaped like spades and transform into a dense, long, dark forest green color. You’ll be amazed by the thin, light amber hairs on this week. Prepare yourself for these powerful buds, which are frosted all over with a milky white coating of crystal trichomes.

Origin Of Pineapple Haze Strain

There are a couple of discrepancies about where Pineapple Haze seeds comes from and its original genetics. Some say its genetics include Hawaiian and Trainwreck. But, the popular consensus is that the parents of Pineapple Haze are:

Pineapple Hybrid
Haze Sativa

Most people believe the latter is actually the origins of the strain’s genetic because it tastes and smells so much like pineapple.

Effects Of Pineapple Haze Strain

Some weed connoisseurs call Pineapple Haze the “legendary Pineapple with a Bergman twist.” They say this smoke leaves consumers feeling energetic and upbeat. The body buzz is very slight, so you can continue making major moves during the day after toking on this strain of marijuana.

Pineapple Haze seeds THC levels can run up to 19%. So, the euphoria is quite intense. Some have even called it almost overpowering. Therefore, this sativa-dominant cannabis is not recommended for occasional or first-time smokers. Even for savvy users, it’s a one-hitter quitter (or two-hitter at the very max).

When smoking Pineapple Haze, you’re immediately hit with its euphoric onset. You’ll experience cerebral, uplifting stimulation that jolts you with boosts of creative energy. This keeps you motivated to get up and keep moving.

There’s almost no limit to the cerebral energy delivered by the Pineapple Haze cannabis strain. And, it doesn’t come with sedative effects, so swimming, hiking, fishing, running and other outdoor activities are a breeze. As a matter of fact, mild relaxation, and ultimate pain relief in the body and mind are the only indica effects you’ll feel.

Some of the effects you’ll feel after smoking Pineapple Haze include:


Some adverse reactions come with smoking the Pineapple Haze marijuana strain. They include:

Mild Dry Eyes
Moderately Dry Mouth
Slight Dizziness

Medical Uses For Pineapple Haze Strain

Medical marijuana patients benefit from the Pineapple Haze marijuana seeds strain’s stress-reducing properties. It gives you the ability to socialize with family and friends while feeling comfortable in your own skin. It also helps relieve anxiety so you can live your daily life with a positive outlook on what most people consider to be everyday problems.

Cancer patients benefit greatly from Pineapple Haze weed and derivatives. Radiation and chemotherapy treatments tend to cause headaches, fatigue, and nausea, which leads to loss of appetite. This strain of cannabis has medicinal properties that help with these issues.

Some of the physical medicinal benefits of the Pineapple Haze cannabis strain include:

Improves lack of appetite
Takes away nausea
Helps with fatigue
Treats headaches and migraines
Eases and/or eliminates chronic pain

There are medicinal benefits of Pineapple Haze that help with chronic, debilitating psychological issues. Some of these include:


Taste And Aroma Of Pineapple Haze Strain

Both the taste and aroma of the strain of marijuana known as Pineapple Haze can be very deceptive. It smells earthy, yet floral, with hints of pine, sweetness and of course, pineapple.

When smoked, Pineapple Haze offers a sugary, sweet, light, citrusy pineapple flavor. You’ll also detect hints of topical flavors and skunky weed when smoking this sativa-dominant strain of cannabis.


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