Maui Wowie Seeds



Maui Wowie Seeds

Easy to grow
Gives a light high
Short harvest time
This marijuana strain delivers an exotic-fruity aroma. Originally from Maui, its true to its tropical name. Created in the pacific, volcanic climate, this pot brings a pleasurable sweetness of pineapple to your palette. It was developed in the spirit of the free days of the 60s and 70s, making it one legendary, powerful strain.

Growing Maui Wowie seeds generally requires environmental conditions similar to that of the great Hawaiian Island. However, with some tweaks and maintenance, these cannabis plants can thrive indoors as well. It contains 20% indica and 80% sativa. And, it’s quite powerful with a THC content of 20%. Thanks to its CBD level, it also carries some effective medical uses as well.

Origin Of Maui Wowie Strain Of Marijuana

Originally from the Hawaiian Island of Maui, this strain was first grown in the rich volcanic soil of its pacific climate. Maui Wowie seeds was developed from Hawaiian sativa and is the result of the development and work of Hawaiian hippies of the 1960’s and 70’s.

Adverse Reactions

The list of side effects is very short when it comes to this strain of cannabis. Its most common adverse reaction is known as cotton mouth. This dry mouth sensation can be avoided or treated simply by staying hydrated with liquids during and after smoking. You may also experience dry eyes, which should be treatable with eye drops.

Some have reported experiencing slight headaches, although rare. There have also been reported cases of dizzy bouts and slight paranoia. Ultimately, this strain is very smooth, so you will eventually drift off into never-never-land, or if you’re lucky, a nap.

Those who use Maui Wowie seeds medically seem to find the negatives small in comparison to the benefits, and other users report that with time the negative effects seem to diminish.

Medical Uses For Maui Wowie

Many people who prefer this strain of marijuana appreciate how the high helps them to feel stress and worry-free but isn’t so heavy that they don’t want to do anything. There is no sleepy, draggy effect when smoking this strain. In fact, when it comes to getting active, this strain actually encourages it.

Maui Wowie is used by cannabis dispensaries and physicians to help treat many conditions that affect concentration, motivation, and stress levels. Medical uses for this cannabis strain include:

Fighting stress levels
Fighting depression
Easing pain
Fighting headaches
Battling fatigue
Boosting appetite
Providing focus
Providing motivation
Treating conditions like ADD and ADHD

Medical marijuana users who typically struggle with high amounts of stress, and all the conditions that accompany it, will appreciate the mood-boosting, motivating and energizing effects of Maui Wowie. It is also at effectively treating chronic pain without bogging the patient down with a lethargic feeling that is common with other types of marijuana.

Taste And Aroma Of Maui Wowie

This strain of marijuana offers users an aroma known as a “waker-upper.” With just one toke, the aroma is in the air, filling the room with scents of sweet, citrus fruits. And, its aroma lingers around for a very long time. Expect a whiff of sweet earthiness, coupled with tropical awesomeness.

And, the name isn’t lost on this strain’s taste either. True to its aroma, Maui Wowie is a yellow sativa strain that delivers to the tongue a taste of fresh pineapples. What else would you expect from a cannabis strain developed on a tropical island of paradise? With one toke, and you’ll find yourself traveling to the island of Maui, enjoying the lovely, creamy tone throughout your mouth.

Growing Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie is easy to grow, which means that beginners can even experience success when growing this sativa with just a little work. The short harvest time makes it an excellent option for those who want to grow strains with longer harvest times, as well.

With the help of rich, volcanic soil, and the feel of the Pacific, this strain of marijuana offers a distinct pleasurably mellowing experience.

Barring the ability to grow Maui Wowie in the tropics, this tall, leggy strain loves bright light and rich, nutritious soil. A warm climate is best for this strain, so growing during the hotter months of summer is best. However, when growing inside, keeping a steady Pacific-Like feel in the grow room can offer the best yield.

When grown inside, it has a flowering time of 9 weeks, but outdoor growers will likely find that early to mid-October is the perfect harvest time. It is highly resistant to pests and diseases, which makes it a hearty selection for those that don’t want to use pesticides.


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