sativa strain

sativa strain has a lot of pain-relieving properties. Its ability to alleviate pain is well-matched by its ability to lower tension and increase energy, according to users. As a result of these characteristics, many cannabis connoisseurs choose  Sour Diesel. Those just starting out, on the other hand, should be very cautious. Inexperienced users should start with a tiny dose of this strain and work their way up over time.

It’s not only that  Sour Diesel has a high THC content; it’s also a really striking strain. Colors include green buds, icy white trichomes, and orange hairs, and it has a stunning display. It also has a strong yet pleasant scent that attracts customers.

strong sativa strain

The flavor profile of the strain is a mix of old and modern. As a newer strain, people are going wild over Tangie. As for the classic taste of sour funk, everyone knows and loves this strain. We used the world-famous strain as a pollen donor to pollinate our Sour Diesel. This hybrid works, regardless of whether you want a sour or a tangie strain. One more Tangie and one more Sour D will complete in 9+ weeks and grow big, so keep an eye out for those two phenos! After blooming begins, the strain will continue to spread vertically for the remainder of the 4th week. The strain wins in all categories because to its impressive crystal production and even more impressive terpene profile. Sour Tangie will quickly become one of your favorite strains with to its quick maturation, large plants, long, dense nugs, incredible crystal production, and mind-blowing aroma. The battle is won by Sour Tangie!