Indica flower

Indica flower are also hints of blueberry and earth in this blend . Which might help to temper the cheeseiness if it becomes a little too much for you. As time passes, this strain may assist to produce a sensation of profound relaxation, euphoria, and even slight drowsiness in those who require it.

The Cheese family of marijuana strains is now well-known in the reefer world for their uncanny resemblance to genuine cheese. Creating a name that correctly describes these delectable morsels.

It’s hard to tell, but Blue Cheese cannabis has an unusually fruity and sweet flavor to it for its cheesy heritage. Adding a particular touch to a superb drug that is a must-have in every patient’s medical cabinet or stoner’s stash.

canna indica

Unofficially, Blue Cheese marijuana is a sativa-dominant indica hybrid, having a genetic profile that’s around 80% indica and 20% sativa. The high from Blue Cheese cannabis, on the other hand, won’t knock you out like a ton of bricks. But it virtually washes over the body, providing comfort all over the body as well as a wide range of therapeutic advantages.

It’s not the strongest strain that we’ve examined on WayofLeaf, but THC levels for Blue Cheese cannabis are normally around the 20% range. But don’t underestimate The Big Cheese if you don’t want to pay the price. This gal is certainly on the charts for a ganja variety that hits hard.